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Tomas Mazowski

Hey! My name is Tomas Mazowski and I built this site. I'm a software developer by trade (here's another cool project of mine) and the father of two young boys. We love to travel and on our family vacations we always try to find nice hotels that have something fun to do for everyone. And what's more fun on a hot summer day than swimming pools and water slides? Did you know that there are many hotels around the world that have water parks of their own, where you can spend as much time as you like! All you need to bring is your swimsuit :)

To make it easier to find a hotel with a water park I decided to do some research and create this site. You can search for any city in the world - for each location I've listed the hotels and resorts that have a water park on the premises - the bigger the better!

Naturally, during my research I came across many great hotels. I would say that some of the best ones are located in the Dominican Republic, Greece and Dubai - all very nice places to go! If we were looking for something cheaper, I think Bulgaria would be a great option too.

Something to keep in mind is that depending on which months you want to go, the resorts won't always have the water park open. During winter on the northern hemisphere I would look for something in Mexico or maybe Thailand, as even Southern Europe is too cold at that time of the year.

Anyway, no travel guide is perfect and during my research I've probably missed many hotels that do have a water park but are not listed here. Do you know of a cool hotel that you think should be on my lists? Send me an email and let me know!

Happy Travels!